This page contains various resources for our customers. Here you will find information on how to access and use our various services, links to commonly used websites, and utilities for download.

Help Desk:

To contact our support team, please open a help desk ticket using the Help Desk Ticket Portal, email us at, or call us at (815) 577-6800

Cloud Services:

Remote Desktop Server
User Portal

How-To Documentation:

Accessing the Remote Desktop Server
Accessing Webmail
Configuring Android for Apex-Hosted Email
Configuring iPhone/iPad for Apex-Hosted Email
Configuring Microsoft Outlook for Apex-Hosted Email
Managing Email Delivery with the User Portal


14aren.zip323 K5/06/09
7z1604-x64.exe1,349 K11/15/17
BAManagement.exe7,585 K11/16/17
DefaultProgramsEditor.zip1,069 K1/12/13
dirhtml.zip611 K2/14/13
Disable-GetWindows10.zip1 K1/14/16
Disable-Windows10UpdatesNotification.zip1 K11/19/17
DiskDirectorServer10.0.2288_s_en.exe52,070 K6/29/10
EmergencyUndelete.zip503 K3/03/07
FileZilla_3.6.0.2_win32-setup.exe4,592 K2/28/13
grubinst.exe60 K1/29/12
grubinst_gui.exe60 K1/29/12
HijackThis.exe380 K2/28/13
HPUSBDisk.exe96 K1/29/12
IPCalculator.msi5,444 K4/23/13
NetFW2.0ConfigTool.zip443 K8/15/13
NK2Edit.exe166 K1/17/12
npp.7.5.1.Installer.x64.exe3,006 K11/15/17
NtfsDos.zip40 K9/09/06
Panda-Reintegra7.zip307 K11/15/17
PandaRepair.zip23,266 K3/12/15
pkzipc.exe252 K3/14/06
royaltsinstaller_2.01.05.61116.msi31,317 K11/20/12
SaveAsPDFandXPS.exe934 K5/16/07
sendEmail-v155-notls.zip674 K2/09/07
SetupImgBurn_2.5.6.0.exe5,914 K10/10/11
SolarWinds-TFTP-Server.zip7,313 K9/30/11
SuperScan.zip192 K6/24/10
SysinternalsSuite.zip23,114 K11/15/17
tdsskiller.exe2,186 K2/14/13
TheFileSplitter131.zip70 K12/20/06
unassoc_1_4.zip51 K9/13/12
unlocker1.9.0-portable.zip111 K2/19/13
VolumeId.zip42 K2/28/13
WakeOnLAN.zip208 K8/05/15
wget.exe392 K2/28/13
XP_TaskMgr_Enable.zip5 K10/21/08

Last Updated: November 19, 2017  11:58 am